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The mission of VISTAR, Inc. Is to advance the research and education missions of the Department of Veterans Affairs by providing a flexible mechanism for the receipt and administration of funds, other than VA appropriations, for the conduct of approved VA research and education activities.


As a flexible funding mechanism to help support VA research activities, VISTAR has the ability to easily partner with federal and industry trial sponsors as well as procure resources necessary to support various research projects. 


We envision a nation where veterans receive the finest care based on innovative research and education. 

What makes us different?


VA-Affiliated Nonprofit Corporations like VISTAR are among the most nimble assets around to conduct research at VA.


Nonprofit Corporations (NPCs) are directly linked to VA medical centers as well as to one another. This creates a network that reaches over 9 million potential research participants in the veteran community. 

Studies That Go The Distance

"The NPC community makes research easy and with several partners."

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