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Who We Are

We believe that our Veterans have given a selfless gift through their service to our country and they deserve the best health opportunities available.  We provide this by administering and supporting research and educational programs at the VA so our Veterans can benefit from new treatments and unique education opportunities.

In 1988, Congress authorized the Department of Veterans’ Affairs medical centers to establish nonprofit research and education foundations which allowed VA investigators to access non-VA funded research opportunities. At the present time, there are 83 VA Non-Profit Corporations (NPCs) across the nation. Each VA NPC is an independent, state chartered organization exempt from federal taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. All research studies and educational programs supported by VA NPCs benefit VA personnel, or patients and their families.

VISTAR, Inc. is an independent Non-Profit Corporation (NPC) established in 1990 and affiliated with Birmingham Veterans Administration Health Care System (BVAHCS) VA Medical Center (VAMC) in Birmingham Alabama whose staff is engaged in research or education.